Sleep Therapy

Proper Sleep

Do you remember when sleep was a wonderful experience? Waking fully rested, ready to take on the day? Proper sleep in our society today is hard to find! We all need sleep to function well and without correcting poor sleep life is just a difficult existence. You may have dealt with someone that snores, wakes you up at night, gets irritated easily, feels sleepy during the day time, is forgetful and so on.


From an early age on, sleep disorders have profound effects upon your life experience. Why do some people accelerate in life while others seem to just get by? One reason is improper sleep. Correcting this problem will make dramatic changes for you and those in your life.


University of Michigan researchers found that 9/10 children suffer from Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB). Symptoms include: mouth breathing, bed wetting, snoring, chronic allergies, nite terrors, teeth grinding, ADD/ADHD, crowded teeth, daytime sleepiness, poor test scores and improper jaw development. Early treatment greatly improves symptoms.

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Proper Breathing

The nose is designed for breathing by adding moisture, heating the air and filtering the air. Nitric oxide from the sinuses is also very important for your health. If you do not breath from the nose this nitric oxide is left out of the equation and this effects your immune system, oxygen levels and sense of well being and other functions. Using a very low dose 3D x-ray machine called i-CAT, we will be able to see what is restricting proper air flow. Our goal is to thoroughly evaluate these problems and find solutions using a multi-disciplinary approach so that you can breathe properly through you nose.