Peak Performance


Physical Performance

Peak performance is our goal and having an edge over your competitors is paramount to winning! So many people today have little awareness of sleeping disorders and unhealed injuries that plague their performance. Because we have accepted our present condition we think it is impossible to change. However, with a detailed examination including a sleep study and neurological testing we can provide answers to correct these issues allowing your body to reach its maximum level of performance.


Intellectual Performance

Growth hormone is naturally produced while you are in the deeper phase of sleep called N3. Without proper sleep many people are deficient in growth hormone production. Good sleep allows for rehabilitation of your mind and body so if you want an edge in life be sure to evaluate your sleep. Prior injuries that haven't healed properly can give a constant signal to the brain that is an alarm. This alarm signal prevents the body from performing at peak levels due to the protective mechanism of the central nervous system. Orthopedic and neural evaluations are utilized to evaluate unhealed injuries. Once detected the proper health care providers are sought for treatment.


Sexual Performance

Men with poor sleep patterns have significantly lower levels of testosterone, which results in a lack of sex drive. Testosterone plays a key role in a person’s sex drive (especially men), which is why not getting enough sleep can have profoundly negative effects on the libido, considering it lowers testosterone. A new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine also proves that a good night’s rest greatly enhances a woman’s sex drive. In a University of Michigan study, researchers also found that women who got more sleep reported better genital arousal and vaginal lubrication versus women with lower average sleep duration.